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Specially targeted for low-income families and individuals, Project Raspberry is specifically designed for a cost-effective yet efficient approach to improve your life, using a Raspberry Pi.

Project Raspberry is a non-profit organization that is striving to help low-income families. Our mission is to help improve everyone's safety and standards of life, using a low-cost solution: the Raspberry Pi.

What exactly is a Raspberry Pi?

And how does a tasty dessert help me?

Not a dessert.

This is a Raspberry Pi. And as delicious as it sounds, you definitely do not want to eat one of these bad boys.

A Raspberry Pi is actually a single-board, miniature computer. Most models are roughly the size of a large credit card. It comes in 5 different models (as of now). The one pictured above is a model 4, and it is (currently) the newest model. There are also the 1,2,3, and the zero. The model 4's ports include (from top right to bottom left):

In addition, it also has:

Why Pi?

What are the practical uses of a Raspberry Pi?

Sky's the limit.

The things you can do with a Raspberry Pi are endless. For example, you can use it to make a security system, like Nest or Arlo, or to make a home assistant, like Alexa or Google Home, or for home automation, like ZWave.

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